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GrimmSpeed Strut Tower Brace - 13+ BRZ/FRS Black

You’ve probably read somewhere on the internet that a strut tower brace never does anything but look pretty. You’re about to read otherwise. Armed with a strong background in vehicle dynamics and chassis design, we’ve spent months understanding the BRZ/FR-S chassis, testing different designs, collecting data and measuring performance. With the help of the FT86Club community, we’ve developed a strut tower brace that works.

* Laser cut, CNC bent brackets ensure perfect fit
* Mild steel construction provides maximum stiffness
* Rigid design prevents unnecessary slop and tolerance stacking
* Durable DuPont powdercoat
* Legal in autocross classes that allow a strut tower bar but no other modification
* Installation in minutes with only a single tool

*Pictures used for marketing purposes only, actual product may vary