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Perrin Performance


PERRIN Oil Cooler Kit for Subaru 2006-2014 WRX

The PERRIN Performance oil cooler will reduce engine oil temperatures and extend engine life. Some engines do not have an adequate factory oil cooler and therefore runs hotter oil temperatures then other performance vehicles. The PERRIN oil cooler tames oil temperatures keeping them at a consistent 85-90C (185f-194f) where the engine makes the most power. Keep your HP consistent with a PERRIN oil cooler.

*Heat Exchanger* Each PERRIN oil cooler maximizes heat dissipation without pressure build-up. Oil-ways are interspaced with airway corrugations providing optimize heat transfer. While the oil passages use "turbulators" to break down boundary layer effects in the oil flow.

*Integrated Thermostat* The PERRIN Performance filter adapter features an integrated 85C (185F) thermostat. This means oil will not start flowing through the oil cooler until oil temps reach an optimum temperature of 85C.

*Preassembled hoses* PERRIN's oil cooler kit uses lightweight Aeroquip brand -10 hose that is rated for 250psi and 215F. Each hose consists of anodized -10 push-lock type aluminum hose ends. These fittings are designed to fit without the need for clamps, but we take the extra step and add a clamp ensuring they will never come apart. Unlike other kits that make you assemble your hoses, PERRIN preassembles them for you!

Vehicle Compatibility- 
2008-2014 WRX 
2008-2014 WRX with PERRIN FMIC

2006-2007 WRX - requires Subaru Part Number 21328AA140, the coolant crossover pipe


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