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Killer B Motorsport


Killer B Motorsport 4-1 Holy Header Coated- Subaru EJ Models (inc. 2002-2014 WRX / 2004+ STI)


If you want some of the best components available when modifying your vehicle, then you will be satisfied with a great product from Killer B Motorsports. This introduction is for the 321 Stainless Holy Header that will be Swain Coated for extra protection against heat and corrosion. This is a great option because the header is designed around the oil pan, and it will help reduce your oil temperatures for improved performance.

Killer B Motorsport manufactured these exhaust manifold using the latest technologies which include state of the art CAD software and simulations to help determine optimal design to develop as much power as possible out of a header design. This means that you will get more horsepower and torque throughout the entire RPM range. Additionally, this header has been designed with short as possible primaries with a single secondary which helps significantly decreases header volume allowing exhaust gas pressures to build quickly.

The symmetrical 4-1 design maintains high and consistent exhaust velocity as RPMs rise which reduces turbo lag and improves throttle response. The more noticeable gains are the ability to hold more power higher into the revs. And like all Killer B Motorsport exhaust components, one of their greater attributes is the quality of the welds. You don't have to second-guess the quality of the quality of their welds as they put forth much emphasis on the quality of the materials they use when developing their products.

This particular header will come provided with an up-pipe that will attach v-band style to the header, and will work with standard issued turbochargers or aftermarket turbochargers with an OEM like hotside flange.

Note: May not fit some Forester, Outback, and Legacy models with the OEM oil pan and cooler.

*Pictures used for marketing purposes only, actual products may vary


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