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IAG JE Pro Seal Subaru EJ25 / EJ257 100mm Head Gasket 0.051in (1)

JE Pro Seal Subaru MLS head gaskets are manufactured from stainless steel material. The multi-layer design is embossed and tempered for a long service life. The gaskets include a proprietary four step coating process after embossing which features a silicone coat for improved sealing properties. The Subaru 100mm Head Gasket for the EJ25 / EJ257 comes in a 0.051in thickness and the gaskets are sold individually. (x2) are required per long block.
  • Multilayer Stainless Steel Head gasket
  • Embossed and tempered
  • Long service life
  • Proprietary 4 step coating process (After embossing)

Vehicle Compatibility-
2002-05 Subaru WRX w/ EJ25
2006-14 Subaru WRX
2004+ Subaru STI
2005-12 Subaru Legacy GT
2004-13 Subaru Forester XT

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Ask a Question
  • Can the IAG JE PRO SEAL SUBARU EJ25 / EJ257 100MM HEAD GASKET 0.051IN hold 653 hp

    The head gaskets don't determine the horespower handling. The head studs used and the type of block determines if your vehicle can handle that power level. We've used this head gasket on vehicles with higher horsepower levels.