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IAG Performance


IAG Performance Turbo Heat Shield Blanket For T3 Size Turbos (Gray)

IAG’s turbo heat shield blanket is perfect for reducing under hood temperatures generated from a vehicle's turbocharger. Lowering the temperature helps reduce turbo lag and avoids damaging electrical components, body surfaces, and surrounding hoses. The T3 size turbo heat shield blanket is manufactured from ceramic insulated padding with an inner stainless steel wire liner. The outer surface features stainless steel hooks that accept spring clips allowing the blanket to fit many applications with ease. A gray coating on the outside reduces soiling from oil and coolant spills. 

Blanket Specs:
  • Inner Diameter approximately 2.5"
  • Circumference is approximately 19"
  • (x1) Turbo Blanket with integrated stainless steel clips
  • (x2) Spring Clips
Fits: T25, T28, T3, GT25, GT28, GT30, GT32, GT35, GT37, Evo III-16G, all VF Series, 20G TD06. Heat shield may interfere
with integral wastegate equip turbos.

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