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PERRIN Alta 02-06 Mini Cooper /Cooper S JCW/Cooper / 02-08 Mini Cooper S Conv R53 Adj Tensioner Stop for R53- Black

Prevent hundreds of dollars in damage when your serpentine belt snaps or tensioner fails! *Why do you need an ALTA Tensioner Stop?* Why do you need an ALTA Tensioner Stop? Simple! At some point in your MINI's life, the serpentine belt that drives the Supercharger and AC, will fail. When it fails, the OEM belt tensioner mechanism plunges into the crank pulley, destroying the tensioner and crank pulley. The ALTA Tensioner Stop simply hooks around both ends of Tensioner dampener and limits the travel of the tensioner arm preventing damage when the belt fails. This simple and inexpensive part, saves you hundreds of dollars in repairs!

*Unique Design* The unique design of the ALTA Tensioner Stop allows you to install it quickly and easily, and still provides you ZERO chance of failure!

*How it Works* The ALTA Tensioner Stop hooks around both ends of the tensioner dampener and limits the travel of the tensioner arm. ALTA designed it to limit the travel of the tensioner to the same point as the OEM tensioner. Thus allowing unhindered travel and operation of the tensioner but only to the point at which the OEM tensioner stop fails.

*Easy Installation* Some designs require you to remove the OEM tensioner assembly from the car and completely unbolting the tensioner dampener to install. The ALTA Tensioner Stop is a breeze and simply requires the motor jacked up slightly, and allows the Tensioner assembly to be left in the vehicle. Saving you about 30 minutes of shop labor to install it!


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